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If you are building or developing a property, sun and shade are important considerations.

Let us help you clearly understand and display the impact of the proposed structure on neighbouring property’s access to sunlight.

Sun Study Analysis has an in-depth knowledge and considerable experience working with Council rules, District Plan rules, Building Codes and the Consent process. Our ranges of services includes from basic design evaluations to indepth studies for presenting at a Notified Resource Consent hearing.


There are many factors when considering additional shading.

Below are four main considerations you should make.

Case Studies

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Case Study 1
Case Study 1
A proposed residence had been constructed and was considered to be in accordance with a previous Resource Consent and Building Consent.
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Case Study 2
Case Study 2
Sun Study Analysis was employed to consider the sun glare of a proposed building façade in respect of the potential impacts of users on the adjacent motorway.
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