A proposed residence had been constructed and was considered to be in accordance with a previous Resource Consent and Building Consent.

A historic resource consent decision for the subdivision required all structures to be verified by a registered surveyor. This was completed by a surveyor and indicated that the building encroached into the recession plane in three locations.

In order to ascertain the effects of these areas of non-compliance Sun Study Analysis was employed to formulate shading diagrams at three times a day at three critical periods of the year. By considering the adjoining neighbours and the topography of the site and the location of potential additional shading Sun Study Analysis were able to demonstrate that any potential effects of non-compliance were deemed to have effects that would be considered less than minor.

By providing sufficient shading diagrams and assessment of effects regarding this modelling we were able to demonstrate to Council that the effects would be less than minor without needing adjoining neighbours’ consents to obtain approval.

Case Study 1