Solar Dazzle Affects More Than Just Glass

Are you aware that the phenomenon of solar dazzle can occur from surfaces other than ‘reflective’ surfaces?

The most frequent occurrence of solar dazzle is a result of low sun altitude and a reflective surface i.e. glass facades. However, in certain circumstances solar dazzle can occur from a number of other surface types.

When light radiation hits a relatively smooth surface at an acute angle, the light can be entirely deflected rather than being dispersed in many directions or absorbed. The angle at which this will occur for a given surface can be calculated, which will determine whether or not your building project may cause a solar dazzle effect.

London’s ‘Walkie Talkie’ skyscraper is an extreme case of solar dazzle that has caught media attention around the world. Due to its convex glazed facades it causes areas of intense light radiation that is hot enough to fry an egg. Although total internal reflection is unlikely to last for a period long enough to cause this effect, due consideration should be made during the design stage to avoid these potential effects.

If you are you aware of any buildings that have solar dazzle effects, let us know. If you have any concerns regarding solar dazzle on your project, contact Sun Study Analysis.